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Improve Maternal and Newborn Health and Nutrition

(Updated in 2020)


  • Every two minutes, a woman dies from complications in pregnancy or childbirth – the majority of these deaths are preventable (UNFPA)
  • 2.6 Million: The number of stillbirths that occur annually – 98% of them in developing countries (The Lancet, 2016)
  • Globally, maternal mortality is one of the leading causes of death among adolescent girls ages 15 to 19 (WHO, 2018)
  • The odds of maternal death are doubled in mothers with iron deficiency (The Lancet, 2018)
  • If all girls and women had access to modern contraception and the full range of maternal and newborn health services, maternal death would drop roughly 73% and newborn deaths would be reduced by about 80% (Guttmacher Institute, 2017)
  • Every dollar spent on scaling up nutrition interventions for pregnant women and children yields $16 in returns (Global Nutrition Report, 2016)

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