Values and Policies – Women Deliver
Women Deliver’s values help guide our work championing a more gender-equal world. We strive to uphold the following values in everything we do, including our advocacy, partnerships, and internal culture.


Mission-Driven and Outcome-Oriented

We keenly and enthusiastically stay focused on what matters: delivering results for and investing in girls and women.

Partner Focused

We go further and create more lasting impact when we engage with stakeholders and partners.

Respectful, Authentic, Supportive, and Passionate

We approach our work from a place of humility and humanity, and we work in a collegial manner inside and outside of the organization. Our colleagues and partners know who we are, what we stand for, and how we deliver for girls and women.

Forward Looking, Optimistic, and Positive

We make progress against deeply entrenched issues with an optimistic and solutions-orientated approach.

Rigorous and Evidence-Based

We are grounded in evidence and solid data, and use the latest, most reliable research to guide our work.

Strategic and Nimble

We set and drive toward a long-term vision, and stand ready to seize new opportunities when the arise.

Global, Inclusive, and Diverse

We work across the globe, and engage across cultures and differences.


Child and Young Person Safeguarding Policy

Women Deliver has a proactive obligation to develop and implement gender-responsive programs that promote the health, safety, and wellbeing of children and young people. As part of this commitment, Women Deliver’s Child and Young Person Safeguarding Policy states that no child or young person should suffer intentional or unintentional abuse, neglect, or exploitation because of their engagement, association, or contact with Women Deliver, and is aligned with principles of meaningful youth engagement and Do No Harm. Women Deliver enforces the policy through prevention measures and is committed to swift, accountable, and transparent investigation and disciplinary procedures in the event of incidents or concerns. Read Full Policy >>

Donor Engagement Policy

To help achieve its goals, Women Deliver seeks funding from a variety of supportive partners, including corporations, foundations, and individuals who are essential to its success. Accordingly, Women Deliver only accepts funding from partners that are compatible with Women Deliver’s vision, mission, and strategic priorities, and who exemplify good business and ethical practices. Certain products, services, or actors are categorized as disqualified due to their intrinsic harm to people, particularly women and children, and their lack of compatibility with Women Deliver’s mission. Read Full Policy >>

Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy

Women Deliver has a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination or harassment that is based on race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, ancestry, medical condition, physical or mental disability, pregnancy, ethnicity, national origin, military status, marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, predisposing genetic characteristics, domestic violence victim status, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law. Reports of harassment or discrimination or observations thereof may be made to management, the Chief Operation Officer, the Board Chair, or the ADP Employee Service Center. Reported incidents of discrimination or harassment will be investigated by Women Deliver, and retaliation of any kind against an employee who reports an alleged incident of harassment or misconduct is strictly prohibited. Read Full Policy >>

Commitment to Preventing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse 

Women Deliver will make every effort to create and maintain a safe environment, free from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA), and shall take appropriate measures for this purpose wherever we conduct Women Deliver programs. SEA violates universally recognized international legal norms and standards and constitutes unacceptable behaviors and prohibited conduct for Women Deliver staff and related personnel, such as consultants and volunteers. Women Deliver has a zero-tolerance policy towards SEA and will take appropriate and robust measures to prevent and respond to SEA. Through this framework, Women Deliver affirms our commitment to the UN Secretary General’s Bulletin on Special Measures for Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse and to realizing the Interagency Standing Committee’s Core Principles relating to SEA. Read Full Policy >>
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