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How We Work

Convenings for Change

Women Deliver is best known for our convening power. Since our first Conference in London in 2007, we have held six global Conferences that have brought together more than 30,000 global advocates, experts, decision-makers, and leaders in gender equality.

Our convening power
has continued to grow since the first Conference in London.

Held in Washington, DC, WD2013, where the Prime Minister of Malaysia declared that family planning is a human right. WD2019 in Vancouver, included 8,000 delegates onsite and 200,000 online and at satellite events in 2019. That year, President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya committed onstage to ending female genital mutilation by 2022.

In 2023, we held the first Conference on the African continent, receiving 6,000 delegates onsite in Kigali and 10,000 online. At WD2023, the UNFPA announced the ‘Kigali Call to Action: United for Women and Girls’ Bodily Autonomy’ initiative, aiming to achieve bodily autonomy, reproductive rights, and gender equality by 2030. Additionally, the government of Canada announced a $1.4B annual commitment to global health development assistance, with $700M per year directed at sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Over the course of these convenings, we have broadened and deepened our expertise in global advocacy for gender equality.

Our expertise lies specifically around:

  • Navigating and utilizing global spaces
  • Resourcing young people working for change in their communities, countries, and regions Supporting and strengthening coalitions and collective movements
  • Harnessing brand influence to create change

Our expansive and lasting convening power is ultimately created by the combination of:

  • Our deep expertise in global spaces Our longstanding partnership with variety of stakeholders, particularly youth advocates
  • Our extensive work in collective action
  • Our powerful reputation and brand influence

All of these elements successfully bring together gender equality advocates at all levels of power to engage on meaningful programming to advance real change for gender equality worldwide

Women Deliver Conferences have become global spaces where gender narratives and norms are discussed and created, the gender equality movement can be strengthened, and solidarity and momentum are built.

Our Convening Power is World-leading, putting us at the forefront of the global agenda on gender equality.

Through the power of convening, Women Deliver has extensive expertise in building bridges between traditionally ignored and marginalized voices and decision-makers in global spaces. This has driven advancements for gender equality more broadly, particularly emphasizing sexual and reproductive health and rights globally. We look forward to continuing this work at the next Women Deliver Conference in 2026!

How We Work

We advance the health and rights of adolescent girls by creating spaces for collective action, championing and supporting youth advocacy, and convening likeminded organizations. In everything we do, we aim to shift power into the hands of those closest to and living the challenges that girls face.

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