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How We Work

Collective Action for Change

Without a coordinated movement, gender equality advocates cannot advance change. Women Deliver’s Collective Action for Change program harnesses the transformative power of alliances, partnerships, and coalitions to propel gender equality and protect the rights of girls and women, particularly during adolescence.

Through collective action, we make sure those most affected by gender inequality are in leadership positions, where they can influence global norms and set important agendas. We support national-level collectives and coalitions, ensuring that policies at all levels are shaped by those who understand the real challenges faced by girls and women. Our focus is on safeguarding and advancing girls’ and women’s SRHR by addressing three urgent overlapping issues within gender equality:

Gender inequality is a global problem that requires a global solution — one that centers gender equality champions and traditionally ignored voices, represents the first-hand experiences of the excluded global majority, and leverages strength in numbers to tackle anti-rights actors.

By joining forces and pooling our resources, we create more powerful advocacy on a global scale. We offer essential administrative support and coordination to help alliances and networks stay active, resilient, and effective in driving long-term collective action. By uniting individual voices, we amplify our communal power to push for feminist policies that make a real, positive impact.

As an accredited organization with the United Nations (UN), World Health Organization (WHO), and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Women Deliver has a seat at the table with key decision-makers. We use these opportunities to shift the balance of power in global spaces and advance SRHR.

Momentum created in global spaces must be fostered and built through continuous collective action to create lasting impact.

We harness the power of bringing people together to reenergize advocates, galvanize movements, and cultivate unity. Ongoing engagement and action in coalitions, alliances, and partnerships are crucial to sustain and advance the change we want to see. These long-term efforts depend on global spaces where we come together to refresh our energy, unity, and vision, making significant strides on critical issues that stand in the way of our shared goal: gender equality.


How We Work

We advance the health and rights of adolescent girls by creating spaces for collective action, championing and supporting youth advocacy, and convening likeminded organizations. In everything we do, we aim to shift power into the hands of those closest to and living the challenges that girls face.

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