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How We Work

Collective Action for Change

Without a coordinated movement, gender equality advocates cannot advance change. Women Deliver’s Collective Action for Change program harnesses the transformative power of alliances, partnerships, and coalitions to propel gender equality and safeguard girls’ and women’s rights, particularly during adolescence.

We form (where necessary) and collaborate (wherever possible) in feminist coalitions and alliances to advance SRHR and safeguard bodily autonomy, particularly within three areas:

We know that sustained change to advance SRHR cannot happen working in isolation.

Coordinated, multi-leveled, and collective action is required to pressure, influence, and catalyze the international ecosystem to safeguard bodily autonomy. Recognized as an accredited organization with the United Nations (UN), World Health Organization (WHO), and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Women Deliver has a seat at the table with decision-makers, and has seized these opportunities to influence global spaces to advance SRHR.

Coalitions, alliances, and intentional global partnerships represent one of Women Deliver’s key and most impactful strategies. These strategies bring together advocates and allies to rally around global moments for change. We aim to support better alignment efforts, avoid duplication, connect existing solutions, shift collaborative practices to redirect power, build consensus, and, ultimately, advocate more effectively for changes that better reflect the context and lived experiences of those within these feminist coalitions and alliances.

How We Work

We advance the health and rights of adolescent girls by creating spaces for collective action, championing and supporting youth advocacy, and convening likeminded organizations. In everything we do, we aim to shift power into the hands of those closest to and living the challenges that girls face.

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