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Our 2021-2025 Strategic Framework

Today, effective advocacy for advancing gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) is more critical than ever. The primary obstacle to gender equality is the persistent lack of bodily autonomy and integrity for girls and women. In the transition from girls to women, adolescence is a pivotal juncture where crucial decisions about bodily autonomy are made. If these decisions are made by others or influenced by external factors, a girl’s future is largely shaped before she becomes an adult. Achieving gender equality depends on working together and shifting power to adolescent girls so they can make their own choices about their bodies and lives when it matters most.

Women Deliver strives to ensure every girl and woman has full control over her body and life. For this purpose, we have refined our strategic framework by focusing our work on three urgent overlapping issues within gender equality:

  • SRHR in Global Health: Having control over one’s body means having access to complete sexual and reproductive health care. We push for SRHR services and rights, particularly for adolescent girls, to be included in universal health coverage plans and frameworks through our global advocacy efforts.
  • The Climate Crisis: The climate crisis is not gender neutral. Despite contributing the least to it, adolescent girls, women, and gender-diverse people face the greatest challenges from it. Supporting their resilience depends on upholding their right to bodily autonomy and ensuring they have universal access to SRHR and climate-resilient health systems.
  • The Anti-Rights Movement: Anti-rights groups are well-funded and well-organized, putting hard-earned progress at risk — such as the advances we’ve made on SRHR in global spaces and countries around the world. To meet them head-on, we must be equally prepared. Making strides toward gender equality depends on coming together to actively push back against those who threaten bodily autonomy.

Our Unique Approach: 

  • Transforming Global Spaces: Gender inequality is a global problem that demands a global solution. We leverage existing global spaces —and create new ones — to strengthen the movement for gender equality. Global spaces unite the gender equality community, build momentum for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, while also planning for goals, narratives, and standards beyond 2030. 
  • Convening for Change: Women Deliver Convenings are among the world’s most impactful moments for gender equality, fostering unity, energy, ideas, and collective action to address critical global issues and protect girls’ and women’s bodily autonomy. Our Convenings for Change Program extends beyond our global Conferences, building on their momentum by creating global spaces for organizations, alliances, networks, and activists to regularly unite to tackle the interconnected issues that stand in the way of our shared goals.
  • Collective Action for Change: Maintaining momentum for gender equality requires continuous collective action. By leading and supporting strategic coalitions, alliances, and partnerships, we help sustain global efforts to advance progress not only at key global spaces and during global moments for change, but also before, after, and between them.
  • Emerging Leaders for Change: Investing in young advocates leads to real, lasting solutions for bodily autonomy. We back those who know their communities and best understand what adolescent girls need.

Organizational Transformation: 

As an organization, we are changing how we work to deliver impact that transcends borders and boundaries, challenges norms, and changes policies that perpetuate injustices. Recognizing our own role in perpetuating injustices in the past and our aim to transform into an iNGO of the 21st century, we are prioritizing three layers of organizational transformation:

  1. Sharpening Our Programming and Organizational Structure: Ensuring that our work is led by and representative of feminists from around the world.
  2. Transforming Our Business Model: Becoming a truly global, decentralized organization that can work with gender equality experts and advocates, no matter where they live.
  3. Changing Our Communications: Ensuring we are transparent, honest, and don’t perpetuate harmful language.

To download our 2021-2025 Strategic Framework, click here.

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