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Our Vision and Mission

The primary obstacle for gender equality is the persistent lack of bodily autonomy and integrity for girls and women.

Led by and representing feminist movements and youth advocates in the majority of the world, Women Deliver plays a pivotal role in global collective action for gender equality. Our mission is to protect and promote the bodily autonomy of girls, women, and gender-diverse people, focusing specifically on their control over their sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). We believe that gender equality cannot be achieved unless girls, women, and gender-diverse people have the freedom to make fundamental choices about their own bodies, sexuality, and health.

Our Vision: A gender-equal world 

Our Mission: Every girl and every woman has full control over her body and her life. 

Our Goals

We aspire to be a feminist organization, committed to continual evolution and learning. Our values underpin how we show up in the movement:

  • Our values

    • Honesty and integrity
    • Transparency and accountability
    • Inclusivity and accessibility
    • Bravery and humility
    • Collaborative and partner-focused


  • Our principles

    • Bodily autonomy is a right, not a privilege.
    • Bodily autonomy is the foundation for gender equality.
    • A girl or woman is anyone who has lived experience as a girl or woman, or identifies as a girl or woman.
    • Girls and women are experts in their own lives.
    • Advocacy for girls and women must be guided by and representative of their diverse lived experiences.
    • Securing bodily autonomy requires a recognition of power dynamics and an unwavering commitment to anti-racism and anti-colonialism.


    Commitment to Anti-Racism and Anti-Colonialism

    Women Deliver acknowledges that our sector and work are deeply embedded in colonial and racist power structures, ideals, and practices and we, ourselves, have benefitted from and perpetuated these practices. As a key part of our goal to become an international non-government organization (iNGO) of the 21st century, we are committed to shaping a future where our practices not only reflect our feminist and anti-racist values but also actively contribute to dismantling the systems that oppress girls and women.

    Our Journey

    Our ongoing journey to become a transformed iNGO that reflects the needs of the majority of the world’s girls and women focuses on three main areas:

    • Sharpening Our Programming and Organizational Structure: Ensuring that our work is led by and representative of feminists from around the world.
    • Transforming Our Business Model: Becoming a truly global, decentralized organization that can work with gender equality experts and advocates, no matter where they live.
    • Changing Our Communications: Ensuring we are transparent, honest, and don’t perpetuate harmful language.

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