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Policy Brief

Dramatically Reduce Gender-Based Violence and Harmful Practices


Gender-based violence (GBV) is a phenomenon that transcends social, economic, and geographic borders. Impacting girls and women all over the world, and becoming increasingly visible thanks to global movements such as #MeToo. GBV is rooted in power imbalances between the sexes and fueled by multiple factors, including cultural norms, social acceptance of harmful practices, and insufficient legal protections. Conflict, displacement, and natural disasters can exacerbate GBV because of breakdowns in social systems, lack of law enforcement, and limited access to health facilities. However, recognizing these drivers is a step toward lessening the vulnerability of girls, women, and marginalized populations to gender-based violence. This policy brief discusses several approaches that can help societies step up the prevention of gender-based violence and build a stronger response to violence when it occurs.

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