Kenya chosen in new global campaign to promote women's development – Women Deliver

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Kenya chosen in new global campaign to promote women’s development

By John Muchangi | The Star | 27 September 2017

Kenya is one of the three countries that will receive funding to promote the role of women in development.

The new initiative will create a network of organisations that will together support women to help Kenya achieve Sustainable Development Goals targets.

Women Deliver, a US-based NGO that has been advocating women’s health and rights since 2007, made the announcement last week on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly.

The other two countries selected are India and Senegal.

“Investing in girls and women isn’t just the right move, it’s the smart move,” said Katja Iversen, the CEO of Women Deliver.

“Evidence shows that when we invest in girls and women there’s a ripple effect, and entire countries benefit. Working with key leaders and influencers in India, Kenya and Senegal will help elevate the status and voices of girls and women and power progress for all,” she added.

Women Deliver and partners will implement the initiative through Deliver for Good, the global campaign supported by nearly 300 organisations from 50 countries.

The partner organisations work across issue areas including health, empowerment, governance, education, economics, land and environment.

“By applying a gender lens to the SDGs and promoting political, programmatic, and financial investments in girls and women, Deliver for Good will spur growth and global development across the board,” the organisation said in a statement.

One NGO in Kenya will receive financial award to organise a campaign to help change the narrative around girls and women in the country.

The organisation, which has not been named, will facilitate work between the government, NGOs, the private sector, United Nations agencies, and young people to ensure girls and women are prioritised in local implementation of the SDGs and other development plans, the statement said.

“The efforts of the Deliver for Good campaign will work to inspire country action to implement policies, programmes, and investments that reflect the important role of girls and women in achieving the SDGs and related country targets,” the campaign said in a statement.

Catherine Nyambura, an advocacy officer with the African Women's Development and Communication Network, said SDGs would be realised when all organisations work together.

“Deliver for Good campaign provides the platform to shine a spotlight on the importance of gender equality and women’s empowerment for sustainable development and connect linkages between national, regional, and global efforts,” she said.

The three focus countries were chosen based on the burden of gender inequality issues affecting girls and women, the strength of civil society networks in those countries and the involvement of governments on SDG implementation.

Organisers also considered the complementary efforts underway to advance the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women in the countries.

The Deliver for Good campaign is designed to strengthen and build on ongoing local efforts, rather than duplicate or create new structures, the organization said in a statement.