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How will you use your power?


The Women Deliver 2019 Conference was one moment on the march towards gender equality, but there are thousands of other steps – big and small – that we need to take.

It’s time to REDEFINE “POWER” – and recognize our ability to use power for good at every level.
It’s time to EMBRACE THE FACTS – that in a gender equal world, everybody wins.
It’s time to STRENGTHEN INVESTMENTS – political, programmatic, and financial – in gender equality.


Below are some of the many ideas for how you can use your power to achieve a gender equal world…

Individual Power

Everybody has power, big and small, soft and hard, private or public. We can all use our power to help achieve gender equality. WITH MY POWER AS AN INDIVIDUAL, I WILL…

Structural Power

We need to break down the barriers that have historically kept many girls and women from enjoying the same rights and opportunities as boys and men. WITH THE POWER MY ORGANIZATION, GOVERNMENT, OR BUSINESS HAS TO CHANGE STRUCTURES, I WILL WORK TO…

The Power of Movements

When people come together – including those who have long been excluded – we can make powerful change happen fast. TO STRENGTHEN THE MOVEMENT FOR A GENDER EQUAL WORLD, WE WILL…

So we leave you with this question... how will YOU use your power for change?

Tell us on social media with the hashtags #WD2019 and #ThePowerOf!

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