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Deliver for Good is mobilizing multi-sector allies to redefine the narrative around girls and women—from the most vulnerable, to agents of change and critical drivers of progress. We are building a movement to fuel concrete action and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals at the global and country levels, and we ask you to join us. Below you will find resources and sample social media messages to help you #DeliverForGood!


Hashtag: #DeliverForGood
Key Twitter Handle: @WomenDeliver

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(To see all sample social media messages please download the full toolkit, here)

Deliver for Good Key Messages

(All messages should incorporate the conference hashtag #DeliverForGood)

  • Girls & women carry more than water and babies – they carry unlimited potential. Now is the time to #DeliverForGood for all girls & women.
  • At the dawn of the #SDGs we have to prioritize the health, rights, and wellbeing of all girls and women. It’s time to #DeliverForGood
  • #DeliverForGood will focus on increasing investment in girls and women around the globe. Will you join us? More at: DeliverforGood.org
  • The key to achieving the #SDGs is integration of all 17 of the goals. #DeliverForGood is here to help you deliver for girls & women.
  • Girls & women are the drivers of sustainable development & powerful agents of change. Show your commitment to them & #DeliverForGood


Facebook and other longform text platforms

  • To power progress for girls and women diverse groups must work together to make change. Visit deliverforgood.org and make your commitment to changing the world for girls and women everywhere.
  • What difference can a toilet make to a young girl in school? Sometimes it’s the difference between staying in school or dropping out. Access to sanitary services in school increases girls’ enrollment by 11%. It’s time to #DeliverforGood for all girls and women. Learn more and make your commitment at Deliverforgood.org
  • Countries with the highest unmet need for contraception also tend to have the greatest vulnerability to climate change. We can’t tackle the unmet need for contraception without first taking a look at how our changing climate will affect access. #DeliverForGood is highlighting cross-cutting solutions to achieving the #SDGs with girls and women at the center of development. Visit Deliverforgood.org and make your commitment for girls and women.

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