The Commitment To Girls and Women

Wherever inequality lives, there stands a girl or woman able to turn the tide of adversity into a tidal wave of progress. We simply have to commit to her.

Deliver for Good is a global campaign that applies a gender lens to the Sustainable Development Goals and promotes 12 critical investments in girls and women to power progress for all.

Girls and women carry more than babies. Or water. They carry families. They carry businesses. They carry potential. And when we invest in their health, rights, and wellbeing, it creates a positive ripple effect that lifts up entire countries.

Give girls and women access to healthcare, they will deliver more resilient families. Give girls and women the potential to learn they will deliver stronger economies. Give girls and women opportunities, they will deliver solutions.

Deliver for them. Deliver for all. Deliver for Good.

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Join the movement. Commit to Deliver for Good for girls and women.

What is Deliver for Good?

Deliver for Good is mobilizing multi-sector allies to redefine the narrative around girls and women—from the most vulnerable, to agents of change and critical drivers of progress. We are building a movement to fuel concrete action and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals at the global and country levels, and we ask you to join us.

Deliver for Good focuses on the whole girl and the whole woman—not just her health needs, her educational needs, or her rights. Deliver for Good sets to connect the issues that affect girls and women’s lives through an integrated approach. Policy briefs and infographics set out the evidence. Together, we focus on solutions and on action across the following 12 investment areas:

Improve Maternal and Newborn Health and Nutrition Providing quality healthcare and nutritional support for all women and babies is a small price to pay for a healthy generation.
Build Sustainable Financing and Partnerships for Girls and Women The transformative power of girls and women is undeniable. It is time for development partners to invest wisely, invest together, and invest often.
Improve Data and Accountability for Girls and Women Girls and women count and must be counted. Reliable, timely data collection and management is a critical tool to help citizens hold governments accountable.
Invest in Women to Tackle Climate Change and Conserve the Environment Women bear the brunt of climate change, but they are the world's best bet in the fight for a clean, healthy, and sustainable planet.
Accelerate Access to Resources – Land, Clean Energy, Water, and Sanitation Improve girls' and women's access to resources ― land, water, sanitation, and clean energy ― and they will be healthier, wealthier, safer, and better educated.
Strengthen Women’s Political Participation and Decision-Making Power Paving the way for more women in the political, business, and civic arena is an investment in more just, equitable, and peaceful societies.
Boost Women’s Economic Empowerment Give women a fair opportunity to earn, and they will deliver solutions. Granting them equal space in the formal economy is a victory in the battle against poverty.
Meet the Demand for Modern Contraception and Reproductive Health Access to modern contraception and reproductive health is the bedrock of gender equality, economic development, and progress for all.
Respect, Protect, and Fulfill Sexual Health and Rights When sexual health and rights are violated, girls and women are unable to fulfill their potential. A world without fear, stigma, or discrimination drives equality and progress for all.
Ensure Access to Comprehensive Health Services Healthy girls and women are the cornerstone of healthy societies. Provide girls and women access to health throughout their lives and they will deliver a healthier and wealthier world.
Dramatically Reduce Gender-Based Violence and Harmful Practices As long as girls and women fear for their safety, they cannot realize their full potential. Securing their dignity rests upon eliminating the threat of gender-based violence and harmful practices everywhere.
Ensure Equitable and Quality Education at All Levels Give girls and women the chance to learn, and they will deliver more equitable, healthy, and prosperous societies.

Campaign Supporters and Partners

Deliver for Good – powered by Women Deliver – is a collaborative campaign. A diverse set of partners are propelling the movement for girls and women. The following initial partners and supporters have made the commitment to Deliver for Good.

Will you join them?

Partners who have signed the Deliver for Good commitment to girls and women may not necessarily endorse all approaches and activities promoted as part of the campaign.


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