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Shucheesmita Simonti

  • Age: 30


Country of Origin:

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Shucheesmita Simonti is passionate about promoting gender equality through networking and disseminating information.

Shucheesmita is originally from Bangladesh and currently lives in the Netherlands. She received a Master of Arts degree in International Relations from South Asian University, New Delhi, and is studying Human RIghts, Gender, and Conflict at International Institute of Social Studies at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. As an Editor at Women Chapter, she is responsible for research and social media management. Through her work, she facilitated the collaboration of the Women Chapter English website with Safety First for Girls (SAFIGI) and She Matters. Additionally, she also is a Volunteer at SAFIGI Outreach Foundation. As an advocate, Shucheesmita is humbled to get the opportunity to be a student of social justice perspectives at the International Institute of Social Studies.

To Shucheesmita, “meaningful youth engagement” means advocacy, networking, friendship across borders and continents, and being passionate and dedicated.

In her free time, Shucheesmita enjoys volunteering and traveling.

Languages Spoken:

  • Bengali
  • English
  • Hindi

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