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Eli-Anne Anwi Tembeng

  • Age: 27
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Sex and sexual activities are a pleasure to be enjoyed by everyone, not just those with more strength. Always ask for consent.

- Eli-Anne Anwi Tembeng


Eli-Anne Anwi Tembeng was born and raised in Mbengwi, Momo Division, North West Region of Cameroon. She obtained a Bachelor of Education degree in Curriculum Studies and Teaching / History from The University of Buea in 2017. Eli-Anne is the founder of Hope for a Better Tomorrow HOBET an organization that collaborates for the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals particularly promoting Gender Equality and quality education.

As Founder of Hope for a Better Tomorrow, Anne creates partnerships, organizes charity events, and organizes in-house training for volunteers. She is an emerging leader of the Young African Leaders Initiative YALI Regional Leadership Center Accra Cohort 9. Being the National Secretary-General of the YALI West Africa Alumni Association Cameroon she has been able to organize several orientation sessions with young Cameroonians interested in becoming leaders. In addition, Anne was the Volunteer Programs Director and Project Coordinator at Denis Miki Foundation, and an Advisory board member at Meta Students’ Association MESTA Buea Branch, where she was the national social Secretary. In the aspect of recognition, She was awarded Most supportive Adviser, in September 2020 she received the most active Executive of MESTA. In December 2020 she was awarded Gender Activist of the year by Victoria International Media Merit Awards. Her advocacy to End rape was further strengthened as she was accepted as one of the 300 Women Deliver Fellows Class of 2020 where they are equipped with knowledge and skills in ending inequalities.

What ignited your pursuit for gender equality?

At the age of about six years old, she was raped countless times. Growing up, it had a lot of negative effects on her and she wanted revenge, also she has had situations where those closely related to her too have been abused. But as time went on, she saw the quest for revenge was destroying her life more, so she decided to share her story with the world and help others who have been through similar situations heal from the trauma, speak out, and also they should help others.

Please share your biggest wins as an advocate for gender equality.

Through Hope for a Better Tomorrow, I started a movement to identify survivors of rape and help them heal from the incident. By identifying those who need counseling, we allow them to speak out and share their stories as part of the healing process. She has been able to talk and help 20 survivors. She has been able to get about 5,000 more people to engage in discussions surrounding Rape with her Rape my fight our fight campaign #rapemyfightourfight where she makes everyone understand that ending rape culture is not a fight for survivors not exclusively for activists but it’s a collective fight where everyone needs to get involved because we are either affected or are victims.

Outside of your gender equality advocacy work, what do you enjoy doing?

Swimming, reading, mentoring, watching movies, and volunteering.

Languages Spoken:

  • English (Advanced/Native)
  • French (Elementary)

Speaks On:

  • economic empowerment for vulnerable communities
  • male engagement in ending GBV
  • menstrual hygiene management in adolescent girls

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