10 New Short Films on Girls and Women's Rights, Health and Wellbeing Worldwide – Women Deliver

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June 27, 2016 The Why Project Why Women?

10 New Short Films on Girls and Women’s Rights, Health and Wellbeing Worldwide


Academy award-winning actress Dame Helen Mirren is the voice of 10 short films that shed light on different aspects of girls’ and women’s opportunities and challenges in a structurally unequal world.

"There are still so many obstacles for girls and women. We must never forget to fight this battle,” said Mirren.  “I am proud to take part in 10 short films directed by talents from different corners of the world, shedding light on the challenges faced by women and girls globally.”

The short films were produced by The Why Foundation based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the non- organization behind the media initiative, WHY WOMEN?

The themes of the films cover a vast range of topics including health, sexual rights, education, political participation, economic equality and more. The scripts were written by Danish author Trine Beckett and the young Danish feminist activist Emma Holten.  The visuals were gathered from various directors from all over the world through an innovative, crowd sourced, talent competition.

For more information please contact producer Mette Bjerregaard from The Why Foundation at: mb@thewhy.dk


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