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About the Deliver for Good Kenya Campaign

Deliver for Good is a multi-year advocacy campaign bringing together diverse stakeholders to drive progress toward gender equality and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Kenya. We are a powerful network of cross-sector partners and allies – governments, civil society, and businesses – united in a shared commitment to prioritize girls and women across all development efforts.  The Deliver for Good Kenya Campaign is an advocacy approach and movement working to catalyze concrete actions that advance gender equality at the community, county, and national levels through evidence-based and coalition-driven advocacy.

The Facts

Data in Kenya reveal both a need and opportunity for progress to be made by investing in girls and women to achieve development targets.

  • Access to Resources – Land Rights: In 2017, only 1.62% of all land in Kenya was owned by women (Kenya Land Alliance, 2018).
  • Economic Empowerment: In 2016, 80.9% of women to women business partnerships in Kenya were denied loans by micro finance institutions (Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, 2016).
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health to Achieve Universal Health Coverage: As of 2014, 18% of adolescent girls aged 15-19 years old in Kenya had already given birth or were pregnant with their first child (Kenya Demographic and Health Survey, 2014).
  • Political Participation: In 2018, women represented only 19% of the Kenyan National Assembly and 27% of the Senate, falling below the 33% constitutional requirement (Inter-Parliamentary Union, 2018).
Deliver for Good Kenya Campaign Partners 

Advisory Group Partners:
There are currently 11 organizations serving on the Deliver for Good Kenya Advisory Group convened by CREAW Kenya. Working across issues, these organizations have publicly signed on to the Commitment to Deliver for Good and work to develop and execute the Campaign’s strategic plan.

Ally Organizations:

A diverse group of ally organizations are actively engaged in shaping and implementing the Kenya Campaign activities and are advocating for girls, women, and gender equality in their daily work.

Inspiring Concrete Action


Informed by an in-depth policy analysis, coalition partners collectively defined a series of evidence-based policy recommendations to mobilize gender equality advocates and drive concrete changes for girls and women at the community, county, and national levels. These include:

  1. Implement the National Land Policy’s principles of equitable access to land and secure land tenure – in both urban and rural settings – in accordance with the Constitution of Kenya (2010).
  2. Increase government contributions to the Biashara Fund – a new government program for financial inclusion designed to offer women, youth, and people living with disabilities access to low-interest business loans – with a specific focus on girls and women.
  3. Implement the National Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy at the county level as it relates to establishing comprehensive health services, using the policy’s Implementation Framework.
  4. Effectively implement the constitutionally mandated two-thirds Gender Principle at the county level to ensure women’s political participation at all levels of government.
  5. Cross-cutting: Strengthen official Kenyan data-collection processes and systems related to gender equality – with a specific focus on the Sustainable Development Goals and the four campaign policy priorities – to ensure systematic sex- and age-disaggregated data collection and use.

To deliver on this vision, the Deliver for Good Kenya partners have outlined a range of impact oriented advocacy activities to guide our collective action over this multi-year campaign.  This advocacy plan builds on the strengths of partners and existing initiatives led by key stakeholders, while connecting community, county, and national levels gender equality and SDG efforts, to the global sphere. The activities can be found outlined in the strategy booklet and infographic.

Learn more about the Campaign Strategy & Activities

Explore the Kenya Campaign Infographic

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To learn more about Deliver for Good Kenya, download the FAQ here.

Join the Movement

The Deliver for Good Kenya Campaign is building a movement to fuel concrete actions that advance gender equality. We are mobilizing a network of advocates and decision-makers and we invite you to join us. Here's what you can do:

  1. Sign the Commitment to Deliver for Good
  2. Download the infographic and strategy book to share Campaign messaging in your ongoing advocacy efforts.
  3. Email to discuss ways for you and organization to get involved

Together we are stronger and can power change for - and with - girls and women. Together we can Deliver for Good.


Deliver for them. Deliver for all. Deliver for Good.






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