WD2023 After-Action Review – Women Deliver

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WD2023 After-Action Review

We are pleased to share an independent evaluation of the Women Deliver 2023 Conference (WD2023) conducted by Althaë Strategy: the WD2023 After-Action Review (AAR). The review offers a comprehensive analysis of what worked well at the Conference, as well as areas for improvement.

Held in Kigali, Rwanda, from 17-20 July 2023, WD2023 was attended by over 6,300 advocates from 170 countries, in addition to 10,000 virtual participants, who believe that gender equity and sexual and reproductive health and rights for all are possible if we work together.


In speaking with 47 stakeholders who both attended and helped co-create WD2023, the AAR found that the value of the Conference was undisputed. Specifically, interviewees reflected on how WD2023 created space for diverse advocates from around the world, particularly youth and individuals from the global majority, to connect with one another, share their perspectives, and set in motion solutions that will have a positive impact for years to come.

The AAR also identifies specific areas that the Conference could have been more effective, such as establishing clearer objectives, streamlining processes, and moving away from trying to be everything to everyone. We are grateful for these insights and the many other recommendations outlined in the AAR, and we are committed to implementing many of them as we work toward our next convening.

Read the WD2023 After Action Review to learn more!


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