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The Women Deliver Young Leaders Program consists of 931 Young Leader Alumni from five cohorts, from 2010 to 2023, from 147 countries. These Alumni now hold leadership roles in global advocacy organizations, governments, multilateral organizations, and civil society. Women Deliver continues to serve as a platform for Alumni as they advance their advocacy by amplifying their work, creating platforms for collective action, and empowering their leadership within the gender equality field and within Women Deliver.

Board of Directors

Consistent with our approach to meaningful youth engagement and co-leadership, we believe young people should hold key leadership roles within our own organization to ensure our work is responsive to the needs of young people and advances their advocacy. Women Deliver is thrilled to have three Young Leader Alumni serve on our Board of Directors, providing strategic oversight and governance to the organization.

Norhan Bader (Class of 2016) 
Georgiana Epure (Class of 2016) 
Dakshitha Wickremarathne (Class of 2016)

Expert Advocates

Young Leader Alumni also share their knowledge and expertise as partners, co-contributors, and key informants in Women Deliver’s research and policy and advocacy initiatives, such as “The Impact of COVID-19 on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights: Youth-led Perspectives and Solutions for a Gender-Equal World.”

Advocacy Mentors

As accomplished advocates with professional and lived experience, Young Leader Alumni serve as mentors to Emerging Leaders. Alumni mentors bring a wealth of knowledge and insights to support the next generation of advocates. Through their deep understanding of local contexts, Alumni mentors provide invaluable peer support and technical advice to Emerging Leaders on their learning journey.

This collaborative effort involves co-leading the design and development of learning opportunities, ensuring that these initiatives are customized to the needs of Emerging Leaders, and contributing to a vibrant network of advocates by fostering a sense of community. Beyond individual mentoring relationships, Alumni mentors also serve as strategic advisors for Women Deliver, contributing their expertise to institutional goals and strategy.


The Women Deliver Young Leaders Program Class of 2020 counts 300 Young Leaders from 96 countries. Altogether with our Alumni Network, these 1,000 young changemakers are advancing gender equality in their communities, countries, and the world.

Class of

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