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Invest in Adolescents and Young People


  • In developing countries, 1 in 3 girls is married before reaching 18 (UNFPA) and 30% of girls ages 15 to 19 who are cohabitating report having experienced intimate partner violence (WHO)
  • Globally, complications in pregnancy and childbirth are the leading cause of death of girls ages 15 to 19 (WHO)
  • In the developing world, 23 million adolescent girls ages 15 to 19 have an unmet need for contraception (Guttmacher, 2016)
  • Half of the world’s population - about 3.5 billion people - is under the age of 30 and mostly living in developing countries (Euromonitor)
  • 1.2 billion of those are adolescents ages 10 to 19 (The Lancet, 2017)... their choices and opportunities define their futures and the future of our world
  • Girls and women ages 15 to 24 constitute 60% (2.3 million) of all young people living with HIV (UN Women)