Largest women's conference in the world coming to Vancouver in 2019 – Women Deliver

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Largest women’s conference in the world coming to Vancouver in 2019

By Amy Judd | Global News Canada | 15 November 2017

Thousands of influencers, leaders and advocates are preparing to come to Vancouver for the Women Deliver Conference in 2019.

The conference is the largest gathering on the health, rights and well-being of women and girls.

“The Women Deliver Conference is yes, the largest in the world,” said Katja Iversen, a board member for the conference.

“We have it every three years. The goal is to really show ‘what [are] the solutions’? The conference will showcase what can we do to improve women’s status in society, improve health, improve wellbeing, diminish violence. So really, how can it be improved and how can we take action?'”

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, who is involved in the conference, says this is happening at a crucial time in women’s rights around the world.

“I’ve seen such a shift,” she said. “We are talking more and more about our true concerns and we are also calling out the problems. We see that there is subtle violence, or very evident and in-your-face violence, in so many areas of our lives — from social media, to the TV shows that we watch, to the language that is used to describe women in schoolyards, at the kitchen table — it starts within our own family.”

“With Women Deliver, we want to ignite and Vancouver’s going to be centre stage in June 2019, for this,” added Trudeau. “We want Vancouverites and we want people everywhere in their work, at their job, at school, in their houses to have true conversations [about] the barriers that girls are facing today.”