Suad Yusuf – Women Deliver

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Suad Yusuf

Senior Associate, Youth Engagement

Suad Yusuf (she/her) is an intersectional feminist, youth co-conspirator, and advocate for marginalized identities. As a Senior Associate for Youth Engagement, Suad is primarily responsible for partnering with Young Leaders to co-create workshops, events, and special projects, such as WD2023.

Prior to joining Women Deliver, Suad was a Program Officer for the IDEAS Program at World Learning, where she developed capacity-building webinars and workshops for higher education professionals developing culturally responsive study-abroad experiences for historically marginalized students. From 2018-2021, she was the Program Director for Global Minds Initiative, a for-youth by-youth non-profit aimed at amplifying student voice and equipping youth leaders with the knowledge and expertise to facilitate dialogue on cultural difference and promote inclusivity and acceptance in their schools.

Suad earned her MA in International Development and Social Work with a focus on community and grassroots development from the University of Pittsburgh and her BA in Global Policy from Chatham College for Women with a certificate in African Studies.