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An astonishing 18.8 million girls and women around the world are living with HIV today. 

Every 90 seconds, HIV is transmitted to another young woman.

This disproportionate infection rate is closely linked to sociocultural, economic and political inequalities that females face. Adolescent girls are particularly vulnerable to HIV because of intergenerational sex and sexual abuse by older men. Some compelling statistics are below:

  • Half of the world’s population (about 3.5 billion) is under the age of 30 and mostly living in developing countries (Euromonitor)
  • 1.2 billion of those young people are adolescents ages 10 to 19 (The Lancet, 2017)
  • Girls and women ages 15 to 24 constitute 60% (2.3 million) of all young people living with HIV (UN Women)

The choices and opportunities of young women define the future of our world.

Women Deliver developed this infographic on investing in adolescents and young people to inspire change.
We encourage you to download and circulate the knowledge.

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