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CSE: A Needful Approach to Sexual Education in Cameroon Secondary Schools



This project aims to increase comprehensive sexual and reproductive health awareness and services for secondary school young people in Cameroon. Desmond’s advocacy approach is twofold: proposing key points for a comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) approach in the National Guidance/Counselling syllabus and ultimately, its implementation between July and December 2016. The goal is to develop public awareness and support to drive the new CSE commitments past the project.


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Desmond has nine years of experience working on youth empowerment and sexual and reproductive health. He is currently the National First Vice President of the Cameroon Youth Network, which works with UNICEF-Cameroon. Desmond is the founding president of DESERVE Cameroon and an elected delegate to the Cameroon National Youth Council. In 2013, Desmond received an award as Cameroon’s best youth leader, awarded by the Project for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS in the Central African Sub-region (PPSAC) in collaboration with the Cameroon Association for Social Marketing/Population Services International. Desmond holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics from the University of Dschang and a post-graduate Technical Education Diploma in the Teaching of Economics (DIPET 1) from The University of Bamenda. He speaks English, French, and Ngemba.


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