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How Women Deliver is Responding to COVID-19

We know that disease outbreak affects women and men differently, and that pandemics exacerbate gender inequalities for girls and women. That’s why Women Deliver is working to put a gender lens on the response to COVID-19, ensuring the unique needs of girls and women are addressed, and their unique expertise is leveraged. Read our Ten Recommendations here.
Women are playing an outsized role responding to COVID-19, including as frontline healthcare workers, caregivers at home, and as mobilizers in their communities. As the crisis intensifies around the world, it is clear that if we truly want to deliver health, wellbeing, and dignity for all, girls and women must be front and center in the emergency responses, in social and economic recovery efforts, and in how we strengthen our health systems post-pandemic. And we must safeguard the progress we've made towards gender equality, including hard won gains for sexual and reproductive health and rights.
At this pivotal time, the work of Women Deliver and that of our partners, advocates, and Young Leaders is more important than ever.
Women Deliver is advocating for a gender lens on COVID-19 efforts, and continuing our long-term advocacy to create a more gender equal world. Specifically: 
  • We are engaging with decision makers, providing credible information and evidence-backed thought leadership, advice, and shaping normative guidance on gender dimensions of pandemic preparedness, response, and recovery — like recommendations to the G7 and applauding the UN's new report — always keeping girls and women as the center of decision making.
  • We are producing and contributing to evidenced-based communications and advocacy tools to highlight how girls and women are being affected by COVID-19 and what measures are needed to address in the short term and long term implications on girls and women, like in our Ten Recommendations.
  • We are regularly checking in and supporting our network of partners and Women Deliver Young Leaders, with special attention to those providing frontline health services and humanitarian relief. This blog highlights Young Leaders innovating at this crucial time.
  • We are increasing our webinar output – including these most recent sessions on global health security and UHC and COVID-19 response, and a virtual press visit in Lebanon – as a way to capacity-build from the safety of home.
  • And our global community of partners, spanning sectors and geographies, are continuing to convene through bilateral meetings, phone and Skype calls, and other digital activations – including an Open Call to Decision-Makers, led by the Deliver for Good coalition.
Women Deliver is continuing our regular work, as well as advocating for a gender lens on the COVID-19 response. We are and will keep using our political and normative muscle, liaising with and listening to partners, collaborating with our many networks, and communicating across platforms to move the needle for gender equality.

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