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Women Deliver is known as a powerful convener. Through our extensive network and reach, Women Deliver creates the physical and virtual spaces for diverse voices and stakeholders to share solutions, build coalitions, and drive progress.
Global Conferences

Women Deliver is globally recognized for its global conferences, bringing together stakeholders together from multiple sectors, issues, and groups. Held every three years, the conferences are fueling stations, where organizations and individuals are re-energized and re-inspired from meeting new people, hearing new ideas, obtaining new evidence, and being challenged to think outside the box.

And the conferences are game changers. At the first Women Deliver conference in 2007 in London, 1,700 participants put maternal health on the map. In 2010 in Washington DC, 3,400 participants around the globe highlighted effective solutions to improve maternal, sexual, and reproductive health. At the Women Deliver 2013 Conference in Kuala Lumpur, 4,500 participants and the world dug deep into what it means when you invest in girls and women. And at the Women Deliver 2016 in Copenhagen 5,000-6,000 people from 160 countries amplified HOW we make the new Sustainable Development Goals matter most for girls and women, and showcase hundreds and hundreds of solutions.

Special Convenings

Capitalizing on specific events or opportunities to highlight issues or to target an audience is part of the ins and outs of advocacy. Every three years, country-level Ministers and Parliamentarians meet separately at the global conference to dialogue on how to make progress for girls and women. Young people meet to hone their advocacy and communication skills, and in 2016, the private sector met to discuss its role in empowerment of girls and women. Women Deliver also capitalizes on key calendar moments such as United Nations General Assembly Week or the Day of the Girl to bring attention to issues. Often in partnership with governments and other non governmental organizations, these events attract social media and traditional media. In 2015, Women Deliver and 20 partner organizations focused on the transformative power of sport on girls by in a global advocacy campaign and by holding a two-day event in Ottawa, accompanied by a call-to-action and social media campaign during the FIFA Women’s World Cup. In 2012, Women Deliver convened regional meetings to gauge the challenges particular geographical areas were facing in achieving progress for girls and women. The meetings also served as an opportunity to meet with civil society organizations. Subsequently, regional meetings were held at both the 2013 and 2016 conferences to encourage country-level action.

Corporate Partnerships:

Women Deliver works with the private sector to inform, engage, and support members in their efforts to improve the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women. Learn more about the C Exchange.

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