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The Women Deliver Young Leaders Program connects passionate young advocates with the platforms, people, and resources to amplify their influence on a larger scale. With an emphasis on sexual and reproductive health and rights, Women Deliver elevates the work of young people taking a stand for gender equality.

The Young Leaders Program is a catalyst for rising advocates that provides access to:


Structured, self-paced, and iterative coursework provides Young Leaders with a powerful foundation that enables them to enact change and deliver for girls and women. The in-depth online curriculum focuses on gender equality and sustainable development; sexual and reproductive health and rights; meaningful youth engagement; communications and media; grant proposals and financial stewardship; and digital rights. The coursework is supplemented by a group discussions and webinars led by Young Leader Program Alumni.

By The Numbers:

Young Leaders trained through Digital University to date


Nothing about them, without them. Women Deliver believes that young people possess the experience and expertise to forge solutions to the challenges that affect them and their communities. Through the Speakers Bureau, we elevate and amplify the voices of Young Leaders and support their meaningful participation in national, regional, and global speaking opportunities while elevating them to positions of influence and power, including on panels, commissions, and boards. Recognizing that a seat at the table is not enough, Women Deliver also provides Young Leaders with the resources, including technical assistance and funding, to fill their seat effectively.

By The Numbers:

speaking engagements supported through logistical, financial, and technical assistance in 2021


Youth are powerful agents of change, but they require support and access to resources to be successful. Unfortunately, institutional donors often see them as lacking a “proven track record” or too young to implement a grant. To fill this gap, Women Deliver has been providing grants to select Young Leaders and Alumni since 2014 to implement short-term advocacy projects to advance gender equality in their communities and countries.

By The Numbers:

grants provided to date

By The Numbers:

$1,019,000 provided to date

By The Numbers:

Over 6 million people affected to date


Women Deliver hosts workshops to build the capacity of Young Leaders to become more effective advocates. These workshops bring together selected Young Leaders to strengthen their relationships and networks at the regional and national level to encourage strategic, coordinated, and collaborative advocacy. In keeping with our principles on meaningful youth engagement, the programming is co-created by Young Leaders themselves.

By The Numbers:

Since 2017, Women Deliver has hosted 8 regional workshops that have brought together 200 Young Leaders


The Women Deliver Conferences are part of the Young Leaders’ journey and a continued opportunity for Young Leaders and Alumni to build their capacity, skills, and networks to advance their advocacy. Young Leaders and Alumni co-create the Conference through serving on Advisory Groups and participating in design workshops and consultations during Conference planning. In addition to integrating youth voices in all Conference programming, Young Leaders participate in a Young Leaders and Alumni Workshop, a Youth Pre-Conference, and the intergenerational Youth Zone.

By The Numbers:

Young Leaders and Alumni at Women Deliver 2019 in Vancouver

By The Numbers:

Young Leaders at Women Deliver 2016 in Copenhagen

By The Numbers:

Young Leaders at Women Deliver 2013 in Kuala Lampur

By The Numbers:

Young Leaders at Women Deliver 2010 in Washington, D.C.