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March 10, 2019 Henah Parikh She's the First

Writing on the Wall: Girls’ Leadership


Let’s do an exercise. Imagine a world in which women no longer earn less than men, hold powerful leadership positions, and all girls can exercise their rights to education. (Dare you to close your eyes for one minute and truly picture it.) Sounds pretty ideal, right?

At She’s the First, we’re working to unleash that same imagination in girls. Better yet, we want to inspire them to see themselves as the leaders moving toward that vision. Through our work with local partners, we support girls who are the first in their families to graduate high school across 11 low-income countries. In turn, educated girls are better equipped to make decisions, bolster the economy, and bring us one step closer to gender equality.

As part of our global partnerships, all students participate in a knowledge exchange, discussing issues affecting girls and women worldwide, ranging from forced early marriage to illiteracy. Recently, students from Nepal, Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda reflected on leadership and why it’s essential that those who hold leadership positions represent the people they serve. Rather than summarize their findings, we’ll let them share their thoughts in their own words:

STF Scholar Dorcas in Kenya

STF Scholar Nabuloka Esther in Uganda

STF Scholar Salma in Tanzania

STF Scholar Sirjana in Nepal

Working for and with girls, we can envision a world where gender equality has been achieved, and all girls have access to quality education, leadership positions, and the futures they deserve. Now, let’s open our eyes—and do this work together. Learn more about our impact and programs at shesthefirst.org—we hope you’ll join the movement.

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