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The Power Of Gender Equality for Food Security

(Published in 2019)


  • More than 1 billion girls and women globally do not have access to adequate nutrition and healthy diets (Global Nutrition Summit, 2017)
  • Over one third of girls and women aged 15 to 49 are anemic, which leads to impaired health, lower productivity, and reduced earning potential (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, 2019)
  • In Tajikistan, only 22% of surveyed women had income they could use without permission, including to purchase food, compared to 53% of men (World Food Programme, 2019)
  • In Nigeria, only 48% of surveyed women could decide for themselves on the use of any methods to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases, compared to 58% of men – choices that are critical to making informed health and nutrition decisions for themselves and their families (World Food Programme, 2019)