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Women Deliver Decries Crimes against Humanity and Impact on Women and Girls in Gaza

24 October 2023 Women Deliver joins feminists, youth leaders, humanitarian experts, sexual and reproductive health providers, the United Nations, and others in condemning the ongoing war crimes in Gaza. We join the call for an immediate ceasefire, as well as widespread and immediate access to the full scope of humanitarian supplies — including sexual and reproductive health services — to the people of Gaza.

We unequivocally condemn what the United Nations has called crimes against humanity in Gaza, and the risk of genocide against the Palestinian people.[1] We recognize and join in the collective grief over the loss of human life.

The violence and impact on women and girls in Gaza also make this a reproductive justice and health crisis. Close to 493,000 girls and women have been displaced from their homes, and there are 540,000 women of reproductive age in Gaza. More than 37,000 pregnant people will be forced to give birth with no electricity or medical supplies in the coming months, at serious risk to their lives and health. It’s also important to recognize that girls’ and women’s health and safety were already dire before the war crimes began.[2] [3] [4]

Women Deliver strongly believes that if we stand for girls and women globally, we must take a stand for girls and women in specific locations and crises – including Gaza. Historically, Women Deliver has not always spoken out about specific events. However, we commit to taking bolder positions as part of our values and aspiration to become a feminist, anti-colonial, and anti-racist organization.

It has become clear that the violence in Gaza is — in addition to a humanitarian crisis – an acute reproductive justice, rights, and health issue about which we cannot be silent. We know that our silence would speak volumes, and so we are compelled to join young people, partners, allies, and those directly serving people in Gaza to call for an end to this horrific violence, the instant delivery of aid, and an immediate ceasefire. We urge all involved to start the negotiations for a lasting peace that must be based on human rights and justice for the people of Palestine.


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