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Listen to Your Body



Jasmine’s project aims to create sex-positive audio podcast modules in the regional language of Hindi on six different topics in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). The goal is to fill the gap in non-existing comprehensive sexuality education in India. This podcasts would be mostly created for an age group of 15- 20 years old, who are part of schools where the language is Hindi. The audio modules would be useful for young adults who have limited access to content around SRHR in their language and in oral form, empowering them to take control of their health and rights.


Jasmine is a self-declared young feminist activist, who uses her legal training to improve the sexual and reproductive health rights of women and girls in India. She has worked on a range of issues around disability, HIV/AIDS, and comprehensive sexuality education. Jasmine has been part of the activist work at the local, national and international levels, actively participating in coalitions which aim to being a sex positive voice to SRHR discussions. She is one of the founders of Hidden Pockets which maps SRHR services using a patient experience framework. The organization aims to create safe spaces in which to have sex positive discussions and to build linkages with already existing service providers. Jasmine firmly believe in using art as a tools for SRHR activism as it helps us building better ties with other alternative and active communities.


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