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Comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health Education to Empower Street Children



Most existing SRHR programs are implemented in schools and other formal institution, which leaves street children without awareness or access to these programs and services. This project is designed to provide comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education to Indonesian street children in order to increase awarenessand to prevent illnesses or other negative consequences of sexual risk behaviors among this group.


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Hanifatur is a Lecturer to midwifery and public health students, teaching them about sexual and reproductive health and rights, with a focus on maternal health and child survival. In addition to her role as a Lecturer, she also conducts research and provides health services to her community. Hanifatur is involved in a monitoring and evaluation program focusing on door-to-door health visit for high-risk pregnant women in Semarang. She is conducting research on the quality of midwifery care as perceived by mothers, midwifes, midwifery students and other stakeholders in Indonesia. She is also conducting research on the factors which influence child marriage in rural areas of Indonesia. Hanifatur holds a Diploma’s degree in Midwifery and Master’s degree in Public Health. Her areas of interest include quality care, midwifery curriculum, maternal health, and child survival including Child Sexual Abuse (CSA).


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