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October 3, 2016 Plan International Action for Girls' Rights

New Report from Plan International: Counting the Invisible Girls

Millions of girls are ‘invisible’ to governments and policy makers because vital data is not being recorded about their lives. The new report from Plan International reveals how improving the information we have about girls will help create a just world and equality for all.

cover-of-reportCounting the Invisible' explores the current state of gender data and exposes the gaps: we don’t count how many girls leave school because of early marriage, pregnancy or violence, exactly how many give birth before they turn 15, how many hours a day they spend working, what kind of work they do and whether they get paid for it.

Bringing visibility to these realities can transform girls' lives.


A world in which every girl and woman counts and can be counted is not only possible, it is an essential part of achieving true equality.

Many girls, like Wendy from Zimbabwe, are forced to drop out of school because they can't afford the fees and then disappear from official records as they struggle to survive.

Gender data alone won’t change the world, but it can help make change possible by revealing insights, identifying needs and gauging what works and what does not.

We all must play our part to bring visibility to the invisible and ensure the global goals deliver for girls by 2030.


Photo: Plan International

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