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Sujitha Selvarajah

  • Age: 28


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Sujitha Selvarajah is passionate about acknowledging her privilege and remaining receptive to new ideas while enacting meaningful change.

Sujitha was born and raised in the United Kingdom and intends to move to Australia soon. She received a medical degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in Global Health at the University College London. As a Doctor at the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, she is responsible for delivering patient-centered care, utilizing broader structures and guidelines while acknowledging nuances to inform practice. Through her work, she initiated a physical health teaching program for mental healthcare professionals. Additionally, she also is the Founder of TEDxUCLWomen. As an advocate, Sujitha is proud of becoming a doctor in the National Health Service, which ultimately is rooted in universal healthcare.

Sujitha advocates for girls and women because she believes that a better world, an equal world, is truly within our reach.

In her free time, Sujitha enjoys discovering new perspectives and narratives through photography, art, literature, and food with her friends, who are pushing boundaries in their respective spheres and inspiring her to do the same.

Languages Spoken:

  • English
  • Tamil
  • French

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