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Nowshin Chowdhury

  • Age: 30
  •    |   She/her/hers


Country of Origin:

Country of Residence:

Expertise Areas:

With globalization, it has become easier for us youth to access platforms where our voices can be heard and we can be advocates for youth and gender rights representing our countries. Attaining gender equality is a long process, but, as youth, we can contribute to it better than ever. Starting young to fight your cause is a privilege.

- Nowshin Chowdhury


Nowshin Chowdhury was born and raised in Bangladesh. She received a Bachelor of Business Administration from North South University in 2016. As a Deputy Manager of Communication and Knowledge Management at BRAC, Nowshin ensures partnership and knowledge management of the urban program, which works across 500 slums in Bangladesh in slum upgrading. As the Vice President of Junior Chamber International Dhaka West, she is responsible for fundraising activities and organizing events for overall community development through advocacy workshops, projects, and campaigns in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, Nowshin is Communication Focal at the United Nations Youth Advisory Panel under Bangladesh UNICEF, an Associate Fellow at the Royal Commonwealth Society, and an activist with Activista.

What ignited your pursuit for gender equality?

I was victimized at an early age by a close neighbor. Since then, I have wanted to do something to create safer spaces for women. When I started working, I realized how gender inequality exists in everyday life, and I want to fight against it.

Please share your biggest wins as an advocate for gender equality.

When I won at Telenor Youth Summit through designing an app for fighting violence against women. Through that, I started my journey and was exposed to a bigger network of entrepreneurs and leaders working on gender issues and got the opportunity to attend campaigns. I was able to hold advocacy workshops for women and transgender individuals. I also had the opportunity to raise funds and help women and transgender individuals in need.

Outside of your gender equality advocacy work, what do you enjoy doing?

I like kickboxing, reading books, and conversing with people from different backgrounds and age groups.

Languages Spoken:

  • Bengali (Advanced/Native)
  • English (Advanced/Native)
  • Hindi (Advanced/Native)

Speaks On:

  • equity, diversity and inclusion
  • technology as a solution for violence against women
  • young people's political participation

Past Awards, Certifications, or Fellowships:

  • Young Feminist Leader by Action Aid Bangladesh
  • Tax Tracking Project by Action Aid Denmark
  • The Duke of Edinburgh ASEF Capacity Training on Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • Telenor Youth Forum Winner by Telenor
  • Associate Fellow at Royal Commonwealth Society
  • Finalist at Queen's Young Leader
  • Thought For Food Ambassador
  • Winner at BRAC