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Muhammad Ferdaus

  • Age: 28


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Muhammad Ferdaus is passionate about promoting women’s rights and health awareness through various workshops and training.

Muhammad was born and raised in Bangladesh. He received a master’s degree in Disaster Management from BRAC University. As a Lecturer and Coordinator at BRAC University, he is responsible for teaching and organizing programs.

Since becoming a Young Leader, Muhammad is proud to have started an organization called Community Development for Peace (CDP) that works to raise awareness against negativity like drugs, and terrorism at the very root level of society in Bangladesh. He also has been appointed as the Inter-Continental Focal Person (ICFP) of the African Youth Union Commission in Asia and Europe, worked as one of the Scientific Committee members, and was a Track Chair of the 8th International Conference on Building Resilience in Lisbon. Additionally, Muhammad received an award from the Youth Club of Bangladesh in April 2017 and an award from the United International University, Bangladesh, in May 2018 for the work done through his own organization, CDP. As an advocate, he was appointed as one of the Directors in Youth Club of Bangladesh (YCB), one of the youth-leading, national-level organizations in Bangladesh, and since October 2016, has been elected by state alumni of the U.S. Department of State in U.S. Embassy Dhaka as the President of Access Alumni Society of Bangladesh.

Muhammad advocates for girls and women because “I am a human being who cares about others.”

In his free time, Muhammad enjoys volunteering, reading, playing, traveling around the world, and learning many things through traveling that cannot be found in any book.

Languages Spoken:

  • Bangla
  • English
  • Hindi

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