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Mi Rae Han

  • Age: 21
  •    |   She/her/hers


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We, young people, are louder now than ever before. We have a chance to work hard and fight for those without a voice, in poverty, trapped by violence or sexual assault, struggling through depression, and discriminated against by gender and race inequality. Together, we can restore community and build a better world.

- Mi Rae Han


Mi Rae Han is originally from South Korea and currently lives in New Zealand. She is working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Bachelor of Business in Economics at Massey University. As an English Tutor at NumberWorksn’Words, Mi Rae tutors children from year 0 to year 11 English. As Co-founder of Project: Us, she is responsible for organizing events, directing plans, and putting together resources needed to grow the organization. Additionally, Mi Rae is an E Nepal Events Coordinator, Social Media Advisor for Asian Outreach, Bellyful member, and New Zealand Made Facebook page moderator.

What ignited your pursuit for gender equality?

Growing up, I noticed the ways I wasn’t seen as the same as the boys in my life. Girls weren’t as funny, were oversexualized, and held to unrealistic beauty standards that destroyed my mental health at points in my life. I know this continues to harm other girls in this world.

Please share your biggest wins as an advocate for gender equality.

My trip to Nepal with GEE Nepal. Meeting the girls we were able to support through an education despite the fact that they weren’t seen as “worthy” of one. Because of our hard work, they are given the chance to work towards their personal dreams. That was surely a win.

Outside of your gender equality advocacy work, what do you enjoy doing?

In my spare time I enjoy reading books, guitar, spending quality time with my friends, and going for walks on the beach right outside my doorstep.

Languages Spoken:

  • English (Advanced/Native)
  • Korean (Intermediate)