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Maria Bernarda Ordóñez Moscoso

  • Age: 30


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Maria Bernarda Ordonez Moscoso is passionate about working with young and rural women through workshops and promoting legislative initiatives for gender equity.

Bernarda was born and raised in Ecuador. She is studying for a specialization in Constitutional Law at the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar. As a Legal Adviser for the National Assembly Ecuador, she is responsible for providing legal advice on the process and content of laws in the National Assembly.

Since becoming a Young Leader, Bernarda is proud she participated as a legal advisor from the National Assembly and women’s rights activist in the process to enacting the Law to Prevent Violence Against Women approved by Ecuador in 2018. As an advocate, she also works as the Director of a nonprofit organization, Aequitas, part of a national campaign to eradicate child pregnancy and sexual abuse and legalize abortion. She is publishing a book in November 2018, Women who seek justice, that examines the difficulties in trials for violence against women. Her time as a Youth Leader provided her with the skills to achieve a job promotion and become part of the Gender and Human Rights Advisory of the Provincial Government of Azuay.

Bernarda was inspired to become an advocate by her sister, who follows her dreams and does the best she can.

In her free time, Bernarda enjoys reading, traveling, and yoga with friends.

Languages Spoken:

  • English
  • French

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