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Giovanna Basso

  • Age: 22
  •    |   She/her/hers


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We, girls and women, are a constellation of infinite possibilities that shines for itself. My vision for the world we are creating is a safe place where girls can love being themselves and be valued for who they are. Girls like my little sister are the secret weapon to the full emancipation of women as they realize they, too, are what makes the world special. “The present is female” because girls are now discovering what it is to explore, create their own change, and become fully conscious of their possibilities as women in the world.

- Giovanna Basso


At 17, Giovanna Basso was perhaps the most powerful girl in the world for investing a million dollars in girls in the Global South as part of the Global Fund For Women’s Adolescent Girls Advisory Board. She is the author of “”Adolê Sente””, published in Brazil, Portugal, Angola, and Cape Verde, and founded the first Girl Up club in her city, Nations Girl Up. She is also part of Restless Development’s Youth Power Panel and is organizing the 2023 Women Deliver Conference.


Born and raised in Brazil, she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree from Minerva University and traveling to a different country every semester. She is the eldest daughter of the eldest daughter of the eldest daughter, loves to read, does not know how to ride a bike, and is enjoying the journey of life.

What ignited your pursuit for gender equality?

Have you ever been bitten by the Anger Monster? I have. Among all the impactful experiences, hidden ones give our life its shape, color, and, in my case, its injustice. My father locked my sister up in a room when she disobeyed him. I was bossy for taking the lead. My grandfather needs to take the dirty dishes to the sink. Eyes stared at me when I walked down the street. Little by little, as I opened my eyes, I was subjected to — anger. CHOLERA! The kind that makes the mouth tremble, the fist clench, the heart speed up, and the body paralyze with the sad imminence of impotence; after all, what could I do? Would I, too, be locked up in a room if I said anything? But for the first time, both the little devil and the little angel on my shoulder agreed — why don't you try showing them your wrath? That's why I am a feminist. That is why I want to continue to be a feminist and work with women worldwide. My nose would grow if I said I was not angry anymore. Anger never left me, teaching me what I believe in. But there is so much love and power in women's stories. I want to fall in love with the story of women because true leadership, true power, is kindness.

Please share your biggest wins as an advocate for gender equality.

My biggest win as a feminist and young woman was publishing my book “Adolê Sente: O mundo na perspectiva de uma jovem audaciosa” [Adolescent: the world from the perspective of an audacious girl] in Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde, and Portugal. In 32 argumentative chronicles on the life of a feminist teenager in Brazil, the book illustrates my journey to self-love as she acknowledges my role as a changemaker and a woman in the world. I spent three years of my life annotating episodes of injustice and sexism. I turned a serious topic into a lighthearted and enjoyable reading, perfect for young teens wanting to know more about gender equality.

Outside of your gender equality advocacy work, what do you enjoy doing?

In my spare time, I like to read. I'm a proud bookworm, and my favorite book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I like going on walks alone while listening to my favorite KPop songs (#proudarmy). I also enjoy swimming and writing plays. I am obsessed with diplomacy and politics and am pursuing a bachelor's degree in Social Sciences, Arts & Literature, and Business from Minerva University. With university, I have lived in seven countries to understand what being a global citizen means.