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Adek Bassey

  • Age: 30
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We, young people, strongly believe that if you include us in identifying and solving problems that affect us, we can assure you of a sustainable result and solution. The power of inclusion is vital for a sustainable solution. Include the population your projects intend to reach out to, so they can take ownership in achieving the results and changes you desire.

- Adek Bassey


Adek Bassey Ozaveshe is a Public Health professional with over 12 years experience in adolescents and youth programming. She is a certified project manager in Global Health from the University of Washington with 7 years of experience and she has been awarded twice by Public Health Department, University of Calabar for her Public Health impact programs. Her work has earned her membership in several National and International fellowships ranging from Women Deliver Fellow, a Global Curator, a YALI RLC Fellow, a Margaret Ekpo Fellow, a Common wealth peace Ambassador, an AFRIYAN member, COMITAS fellow with search for common grounds and a Youth Social media advocates coordinator for UNFPA Adamawa among others. She’s the Founder and Executive Director of Today for Tomorrow Foundation(TFT-Foundation) a youth- led /serving non- for- profit, nine Governmental Organization saddled with the responsibility of Training, mentoring and empowering young people and vulnerable people through different thematic areas ranging from SRHR, GBV, self development, Livelihood and peace building. She was mentioned among the 100 women in Africa doing amazing work in the Development space by Donors Africa as well as other featuring and mentioning across various publication platforms. Her organization was awarded by USAID North East Connection for their impactful work on building the skills and resilence of women and girls against violent extremists organization in Numan, LGA. Adamawa State. Adek Bassey provides counseling, training and mentorship services using both physical and virtual platforms across her social media platforms. She has used her voice and she is still using it to transform life. She is a public speaking trainer, a formal event anchor/host, a purpose discovery trainer, and an outstanding facilitator and a feminist.

What ignited your pursuit for gender equality?

To break the gender barrier affecting women and girls, especially in the area of women and girls not having the right to make their own decisions and choices over what they want. The prevalence of gender-related issues affecting women around me and the most vulnerable women in IDPs is also a big drive to my gender equality work. I broke the gender barrier of girls' education being considered as a low priority in my community whereby marriage appears to be the ultimate goal and the majority of women and girls have normalized being in the husband's house and doing only what he permits. I fought it and went to school, graduated, and have two degrees before marriage and I am pursuing a career while in it making my own decisions. Existing gender equality issues are the driving force that ignites my work for gender equality.

Please share your biggest wins as an advocate for gender equality.

My biggest win in advocating for Gender Equality is creating a system that gives both genders, especially females access to positions and opportunities of their choice. My advocacy has contributed to the establishment of the women-led organization in Adamawa, the North East region affected by insurgency which is fully supported by UNWOMEN and together we have a strong system and movement that advocate for gender equality in the State.

Outside of your gender equality advocacy work, what do you enjoy doing?

Dedicating my life to using my voice to help many people have a better life, maximize their potential and prevent mistakes through my voice where I enjoy making videos, creating content, having sessions, and talking to individuals and groups both physically and across my social media platforms. Follow me on all platforms (ADEK BASSEY) and benefit from the help I am providing for everyone everywhere.

Languages Spoken:

  • English
  • Hausa
  • Efik

Speaks On:

  • our choice, our rights, our purpose, and the power of your potential

Past Awards, Certifications, or Fellowships:

  • Advocacy, Gender-Based Violence Certification by Girls Power Initiative, UNFPA, UNICEF, and EVA
  • Psycho-Social Officer Certification by Save the Children International
  • Social Norms Change Agent to End Violence Against Children Certification by UNICEF
  • Certification on HIV/AIDs Peer Educator by SIDAHs
  • SDG Advocacy Lead Certification by SDG Yola
  • Social Media Advocate Certification by EVA, UNFPA, and Youth HUB Africa