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Stand Up and Be Counted for Kenyan Women and Girls



The Stand Up and Be Counted Project aims to utilize dialogue, capacity building and coalition building to mobilize, train and facilitate young women’s informed and strategic input and engagement on the process of finalizing the formulation of the health bill and reproductive health care bill. The ultimate goal is that young women’s voices and SRHR realities are featured in the bill and that the project will establish a space for young women to engage in national policy advocacy on SRHR.


Follow Catherine on Twitter at @catherinenyamb1
Catherine works with Dandelion Kenya, a grassroots organization based in Nakuru, Kenya which focuses on implementing comprehensive sexuality education programs, working with young advocates ensure the voices of young women and girls are heard, and advocating for access to safe abortion across rural Kenya. As part of her role at Dandelion Kenya, Catherine chairs the Women Global Network for Reproductive Rights Alliance Kenya (WAK), a network of organizations throughout Kenya all working to advocate for safe abortion. Catherine has engaged with various policy processes including the ICPD Beyond 2014 review, Beijing+20 review, and the post-2015 development agenda. She sits on the interim steering committee of the African CSO Coalition on Population and Development (ACCPD). Catherine is part of the African Youth Taskforce on Post-2015, championing African youth priorities within the post-2015 development agenda. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Biomedical Science and Technology and has taken the e-learning course on “Reproductive Health: from Advocacy to Action” from the World Bank Institute (WBI) as well as a short course on Media, Film and Gender. Catherine is an active contributor to the Rural Reporters.


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