Climate-Smart Agriculture in Kenya – Women Deliver

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Climate-Smart Agriculture in Kenya


In 2011, a pilot project in Kenya focusing on female small-scale farmers and dairy farmers incorporated
Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) as a means of improving yields, income, and wellbeing. Women in the
Kamotony region, who were concerned about their economic stability, were trained in CSA practices and
decided collectively to start a tree nursery. This tree nursery provided a new source of income from the sale of seedlings and tree cuttings; the women were able to invest in dairy production with the profits. By applying the CSA techniques, such as feed storage and fodder production, the women were able to increase dairy production. The women now report that their household food security, nutrition, and income have increased due to CSA practices. They also are able to fund their children’s education and healthcare without the economic difficultly that they previously faced.

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