Generation Y Not: Should 14-Year-Olds be Allowed to Vote? – Women Deliver

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Produced by Women Deliver March 17, 2017

Generation Y Not: Should 14-Year-Olds be Allowed to Vote?


"Be an innovator and a trouble maker, and don't be afraid to be. I think some of the best people in the world have been troublemakers."

Melissa Fairey


In episode two of Generation Y Not, Women Deliver's new live streamed four-part series hosted by Al Jazeera's Femi Oke. We talked to Women Deliver Young Leader Melissa Fairey on politics, feminism, and how to get young people involved in decision making processes. Melissa is the Canadian country coordinator for the Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network and currently works as a Protege in Toronto municipal politics. Her work has included non-partisan work with Elections Canada and Elections Ontario to promote young women in the electoral and political system.


So far episode two of Generation Y Not has been viewed by 54,000 people via Al Jazeera English's Facebook Live stream alone. That's over 50,000 people from across the globe who tuned into hear about the impactful change that the Women Deliver Young Leaders are making around the world.

Generation Y Not is a four-part live streamed series produced by Women Deliver hosted by Femi Oke (The Stream, Al Jazeera English). Taking place once a month, this series will tackle power, participation, sex, rights, and how young people are changing the world. 

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