Generation Y Not: Livestream Series – Women Deliver

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Generation Y Not: Episode 1 

"In that moment I realized I that was doing something more than educating a lot of people - I was a part of a cause."

GÉnesis Luigi


In the first episode of Generation Y Not, Women Deliver's new live streamed four-part series hosted by Al Jazeera's Femi Oke. We talked to Women Deliver Young Leader Génesis Luigi on sex, sexuality, and sexual health. Génesis is a youth advocate working in Venezuela to make a difference in how sexuality is addressed at schools and in communities and an advocate for safe and legal abortion. Femi and Génesis explore the importance of speaking openly about sex and the power of knowing your body. 


So far episode one of Generation Y Not has been viewed by 48,020 people via Al Jazeera English's Facebook Live stream alone. That's nearly 50,000 people from across the globe who tuned into hear about the impactful change that Women Deliver Young Leaders are making.

Generation Y Not is a four-part live streamed series produced by Women Deliver hosted by Femi Oke (The Stream, Al Jazeera English). Taking place once a month, this series will tackle power, participation, sex, rights, and how young people are changing the world. 

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