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Produced by Women Deliver August 18, 2016

Women Delivering at the 2016 Olympic Games


For the past two weeks the 2016 Olympic Games have been at the forefront of conversations and media around the world. At this year's games women have been more visible than ever before with approximately 4,700 women (45% of all athletes) representing their countries in 306 events.  There is an undeniable link between women's participation in sport and their empowerment, and seeing the hundreds of powerful female athletes that are participating in the 2016 Olympics Games is a huge step in the right direction for girls and women everywhere. 

The motto for this year's game is: Um mundo novo or A new world, and hopefully with the slew of medals women from across the world will take home from this year's Olympic Games, we will see a new world for girls and women in sport.

We want to help you spread the world about the importance of girls empowerment through sport, so below you can find videos, blogs, and social media shareables that will help you raise your voice for girls' and women's full involvement in sport.


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