WD2019 Power Video Credit and Transcript – Women Deliver

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Katja Iversen: We will not go backwards

Angela Davis: We represent the powerful forces of change

Sonia Guajajara: I’m here to bring the voice of indigenous women, so that we can unite our voices

Protesters: We’re here to fight, so don’t take back our rights

Alex Wagner, CBS This Morning: Many are looking to turn the energy of protest into actual power

Ndimyake Mwakalyelye, VOA: Women in Egypt are exercising their political power

Jo Ankier, Lip News: Eighteen women have won seats in the municipal polls

Naka Kondo, The Economist Intelligence Unit: They are all aiming to become prime ministers, and this is something that is conceivable now

António Guterres: Our world needs more women leaders, and our world needs more men standing up for gender equality

Newscaster: Ghana’s national women’s football team “The Black Queens” hit the streets on Thursday to protest the non-payments of over a year’s bonuses

Mary Calvi, Chris Wragge, CBS NYC: Merriam-Webster has unveiled its word of the year. Feminism

Newscaster: 2018 is being called the “Year of the Women”

Frank Gardner, BBC: Women can finally take to the roads

Newscaster: Iceland - the country has become the world’s first to legalize equal pay for men and women

Kiran Bedi: India is emerging as a youth power

Anne Thompson, NBC Nightly News: Women are finding strength and power

Mona Eltahawy: #Metoo has been embraced in the Arab World, in its Arabic equivalent, which is أنا كمان

Newscaster: The global #Metoo movement has helped bring gender discrimination to the surface in South Korea’s male dominated society

Newscaster: #Balancetonporc!

Newscaster: In June, thousands of Argentines took to the streets chanting “Ni una menos” or “Not one less”

Linsey Davis, Good Morning America: This has been a very powerful movement

Ben Goldberger, TIME: This has gone from something that was whispered about, to something that is now yelled over megaphones

America Ferrera: If we do not stand together, march together, fight together, for the next four years, then we will lose together

[Cross-talking, speeches overlap to build]


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