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Ringing in the New Year 1,000 Strong for Girls and Women

In May 2016 Women Deliver launched Deliver for Good, a global campaign that applies a gender lens to the Sustainable Development Goals to fuel concrete action for girls and women. The beauty of Deliver for Good is that it focuses on the whole girl and the whole woman—not just her health needs, her educational needs, or her rights. And it does so via twelve high-yielding investment areas. We have almost reached 1,000 sign-ons to Deliver for Good, that is 1,000 people across the world committed to changing the world as we know it for girls and women. We invite you to join us in this movement and to make your commitment to girls and women. 

we're almost there!

Why Have Others Signed On? 

"I’m signing on because I believe in the future. I believe when girls are properly educated and trained to harness their potential they become treasures to the society."

- Ebele, 26 Nigeria

"I am signing on because of my strong belief if you empower, support and invest in girls and women you can emprove the world for all."

- Elizabeth, 28 Australia

"I’m signing on because girls and women matter. My research and advocacy focus on women's health, especially reproductive health, and gender-based violence. We can and should do better."

- Monica, 50 USA

"I am signing on because I believe in encouraging the aspirations of women around the world, and I want to contribute to the global movement."

- Louise, 33 Great Britain

"I am signing on because I believe women are the drivers of change because they rise their communities, their nations and the world."

- Williot, 38 Malawi

"I am signing on because the issues of women's rights must be upheld in a practical way in which women can and will realize their social, economic and political status in our world."

- Thomas, 31 Liberia

Help Us Ring in the New Year 1,000 Strong for Girls and Women!
Join the movement. Make change. Power progress for all.

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