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Media Advisory: Women Deliver Live



OVERVIEW: The Women Deliver 2016 Conference, taking place in Copenhagen this week, will be the
largest meeting of girls’ and women’s advocates in a decade, with more than 5,000 global leaders,
policymakers, advocates and youth from 150 countries in attendance. It will also be the biggest
opportunity in years to spotlight and explore solutions that support girls’ and women’s health, rights
and wellbeing.

WHEN: The Women Deliver 2016 Conference will take place Monday 16 – Thursday 19 May 2016

WHERE: Bella Convention Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

WHO: A full list of plenary speakers, including VIPs such as Lars Løkke Rasmussen, Prime Minister of
Denmark, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Her Majesty Queen Máxima of the
Netherlands, Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank Group, and Melinda Gates, Co-chair of the Bill
& Melinda Gates Foundation, can be found here.


Women Deliver Live is a “Virtual Press Pass” to the Conference that includes access to produced and
polished live-footage like plenaries, press conferences, concurrent sessions and a suite of broadcast
content syndicated exclusively for virtual audiences.
 Women Deliver –
 Women Deliver Live –
 FTP: High-quality video content, including live sessions and b-roll footage will be available for
you to embed directly on your website or broadcast to your audiences –
The Next Big Idea: Breakthrough ideas. Inspiring leaders.
 Title: The Internet Is Sexist, But it Doesn’t Have to Be
o Date and Time: 17 May, 10.00-10.15 CET
o Speaker: Abir Sarras, Co-Founder, Love Matters Arabic, Egypt, The Netherlands
 Title: Why You Should Think Twice About Ignoring Women's Sports
o Date and Time: 17 May, 10.15-10.30 CET
o Speaker: Moya Dodd, FIFA Executive Committee Member, Australia
 Title: How Men of Faith Can Drive SRHR Progress
o Date and Time: 17 May, 13.15-13.30 CET
o Speaker: Willie Parker, Physician, Jackson Women’s Health Organization, United States
Candid Conversations: Different Perspectives Yield Stronger Solutions.
 Title: In Times of Conflict, Which Comes First: Girls' Safety or Girls' Education?
o Date and Time: 18 May, 16.00-16.30 CET
o Speakers: Julia Gillard, Former Prime Minister, Australia
Rachel Muthoga, Executive Director, Moving the Goalposts Kilifi, Kenya
Cecilia Aransiola, Women Deliver Young Leader, Nigeria
 Title: Children’s Entertainment as a Source of Girl’s Empowerment
o Date and Time: 19 May, 8:00-8:15 CET
o Speakers: Chamki, Muppet, Sesame Street, India
Sherrie Westin, Executive Vice President, Global Impact and Philanthropy,
Sesame Workshop, United States
Tough Talks: Bold, honest interviews unpack the biggest challenges facing girls and women today.
 Title: Female Genital Mutilation: “I Realized I Didn’t Need to be Silent”
o Date and Time: 17 May, 10.00-10.15 CET
o Speaker: Alimatu Dimonekene, Activist, Founder of ProjectACE, Sierra Leone, UK
 Title: Abuse during Childbirth: How to Recognize and Prevent It
o Date and Time: 17 May, 16.30-16.45 CET
o Speaker: Amelia Christmas, Midwife and Simulation Expert, Bihar, India
 Title: Women Surviving Conflict: “Victims of War, Key to Peace”
o Date and Time: 18 May, 8.30-8.45 CET
o Speaker: Julianne Lusenge, Director, Fund for Congolese Women, DRC


About Women Deliver: Women Deliver believes that when the world invests in girls and women,
everybody wins. As a leading global advocate for girls’ and women’s health, rights and wellbeing,
Women Deliver brings together diverse voices and interests to drive progress, particularly in maternal,
sexual, and reproductive health and rights. It builds capacity, shares solutions, and forges partnerships,
together creating coalitions, communication, and action that spark political commitment and
investment in girls and women.