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India, Kenya, and Senegal Announced as Deliver for Good Focus Countries

The Deliver for Good Campaign Brings Together Governments, NGOs, Private Sector, and Young People Globally and in Focus Countries to Accelerate Political and Financial Investment in Gender Equality and the Health, Rights, and Wellbeing of Girls and Women.

New York, NY, 18 September 2017 – Deliver for Good partners today announced that India, Kenya,
and Senegal have been selected as Deliver for Good focus countries and will launch dedicated
advocacy and communication efforts to build upon existing in-country activities. The new effort will
include facilitating work between government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the private
sector, United Nations (UN) agencies, and young people to ensure girls and women are prioritized in
local implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other development plans.
Deliver for Good is a global campaign initiated by Women Deliver and more than a dozen partner
organizations. So far the campaign has brought together nearly 300 supporting organizations in 50
countries working across issue areas – including health, empowerment, governance, education,
economics, land, and environment – to help ensure decision makers understand the central role girls
and women play in sustainable development. By applying a gender lens to the SDGs and promoting
political, programmatic, and financial investments in girls and women, Deliver for Good will spur
growth and global development across the board.

“Investing in girls and women isn’t just the right move, it’s the smart move,” said Katja Iversen,
President/CEO of Women Deliver. “Evidence shows that when we invest in girls and women there’s
a ripple effect, and entire countries benefit. Working with key leaders and influencers in India, Kenya
and Senegal will help elevate the status and voices of girls and women and power progress for all.”
During an event held today at the 72nd United Nations General Assembly meeting, Deliver for Good
partners also announced that they will award a grant to an NGO in each country to organize the
multi-issue, multi-sector coalition-building work and champion the Deliver for Good campaign.
Grantees will work with local partners to drive progress in three key strategic areas at the country

 First, they will work to change the narrative around girls and women using the latest
evidence and building the capacity of Deliver for Good’s network of partners around the
world to share this new narrative and communicate the clear investment case.

 Second, they will work to build and formalize engagement of stakeholders across multiple
sectors and issue areas, particularly amongst organizations that have not traditionally
worked together.

 Finally, the efforts of the Deliver for Good campaign will work to inspire country action to
implement policies, programs, and investments that reflect the important role of girls and
women in achieving the SDGs and related country targets.

Country leaders and advocates welcome the news with great enthusiasm.

Quotes from In-Country Representatives:

 “The real promise of the SDGs embodied in the ‘leave no one behind’ spirit will be fully
realized when there is real action at the country level. The Kenya National road-map
provides clarity of direction on government's effort to that regard. The Deliver for Good
campaign provides the platform to shine a spotlight on the importance of gender equality
and women’s empowerment for sustainable development and connect linkages between
national, regional, and global efforts.” – Catherine Nyambura, Advocacy Officer, African
Women's Development and Communication Network (FEMNET).

 “Investing in girls and women is key to sustain development. Senegal with its ‘Plan Senegal
emergeant’ is working in this direction.” – Her Excellency, Dr. Awa Marie Coll-Seck ·
Minister of State, Senegal.

 "The Deliver for Good campaign can be an ideal platform to bring multiple stakeholders on a
common stage not only in terms of idealization but also to cross learn about best practices
and customization of strategies to best fit in order to tackle diverse developmental
challenges in different parts of the globe. This campaign can then potentially play the pivotal
role in influencing governments, multilateral donors, corporations and grassroots
organisations to institutionally incorporate SDGs in their day to day functioning and in their
engagement with communities, markets and the environment. This, in turn, will lead to
policy as well cultural change and show the way for the world to move towards sustainability
while addressing pertinent social, economic, political and environmental issues.” – Sahana
Mishra · Integrator, North East Bihar Development Cluster, PRADAN, India.

“We can no longer afford or accept the environmental, social, and economic loss that comes with
the lack of recognition of the rights of girls and women, and their power to contribute at all levels of
society,” said Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark – a Deliver for Good campaign

The selection of the focus countries was based on a variety of criteria including: 1) the burden of
gender inequality issues affecting girls and women; 2) the strength of civil society networks in the
countries; 3) the involvement of governments on SDG implementation; and 4) complementary
efforts underway to advance the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women in the countries.
The Deliver for Good campaign is designed to strengthen and build on ongoing local efforts, rather
than duplicate or create new structures.

Deliver for Good is a collaborative partner campaign powered by Women Deliver and a diverse set of
partners, allies and supporting organizations helping to shape and drive this movement for girls and
women. A complete list of supporting organizations, as well as additional information on Deliver for
Good can be found at


About Deliver for Good: With nearly 300 supporting organizations in more than 50 countries,
Deliver for Good is mobilizing organizations working across issue areas to redefine the narrative
around girls and women—from the most vulnerable, to drivers of progress. We are building a
movement to fuel concrete action and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals at the
global and the country level in three priority countries—Kenya, Senegal, and India.

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