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Zahra Al Hilaly

Consultant, Youth Zone

Zahra Al Hilaly (she/her) is the consultant for Youth Zone and is excited to elevate meaningful intersectional youth participation at the core of the vision. As a vocalist for gender equality, Zahra believes storytelling is the greatest tool for change. A proud Palestinian and Iraqi woman, Zahra is committed to ensuring marginalized perspectives are amplified in traditionally exclusive spaces.

Zahra comes with over seven years of experience working with young people to flourish inclusive change. She currently acts as the Chief Executive Officer for Oaktree Australia, the largest youth-run organisation in the country, where she focuses on empowering young people from the Asia and the Pacific region to become leaders in governance and policy. Zahra is also a Duke University fellow, working on the intersection of climate justice and faith-based practices, particularly working with Australia’s rural, refugee community to create an inclusive movement.

Beyond the gender space, Zahra has previously worked as an investigative journalist and currently holds a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Communications. Zahra sits on the boards of Missing Perspectives and the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. In 2023, Zahra was also named the youngest-ever recipient of the Australian Women in Excellence Awards and in 2021, she was named the first-ever Young Asian-Australian of the Year.

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