Elizabeth Zalanga – Women Deliver

Elizabeth Zalanga

Associate, Youth Engagement

Elizabeth Zalanga (she/her) is an experienced policy advocate for gender and equity issues. She is deeply invested in developing solutions to the conditions that lead to creating inequities in society. Prior to joining Women Deliver, Elizabeth was a legislative assistant to Minnesota State Senator Sandra L. Pappas, a communications and policy assistant with Children’s Defense Fund Minnesota, and a program assistant with the City of Minneapolis working to increase youth civic engagement.

As the U.S. delegate to the 2018 Youth 20 (Y20) and Girls 20 Summits in Argentina, Elizabeth co-authored policy recommendations for the G20 on education and jobs, the future of work, and ending gender-based violence and femicide which included: promoting women’s economic empowerment by improving labor conditions for women such as access to quality and affordable care, infrastructure and parental leave; bridging the digital gender divide to further digital inclusion by developing womens’ and girls’ digital skills; and requiring employers to adapt policies in line with International Labor Organization’s (ILO) Convention No. 190 standards.

In 2020, when the U.S. presided over the G7 Summit, Elizabeth served on the Youth 7 (Y7) Summit host committee and as a Sherpa led the policy process for the Y7 Education and Jobs Track. She also serves as an advisor for the 2022 Women7 (W7) policy recommendation process.

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