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CSE in Practice



Croatia is lacking meaningful comprehensive sexuality education (CSE), and this project seeks to change that through research and advocacy efforts. After Marinella conductsresearch on the topic of youth sexuality, she wil use that research as the basis of advocacy efforts with both the public and the government to implement meaningful CSE in Croatian schools, including six workshops to be held in dormitories in the community. Ultimately, the project will produce a youth advocacy toolkit on CSE that can serve as a foundation for others to push for meaningful CSE moving forward.


Follow Marinella on Twitter at @Mmatejci
Marinella is reproductive health and rights activist who focuses on abortion rights. She is a freelance journalist with, a Croatian portal on gender, sex and democracy. Marinella is also a coordinator for, and independent initiative that holds legislators accountable to keep abortion in Croatia legal and to ensure the availability of accurate information about reproductive health and sexual responsibility, including the provision abortion-related information to women who need it.


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